Now Serving Central Florida

Newest Branch

This school year, Plant City, Polk, Hillsborough  and nearby county residents will have the opportunity to join the B.S.L family. Enrollment is now open in central Florida for the 2020/2021 school year.  Due to Covid, extra precautions have been taken to keep our families safe.  Being that our classes are held outdoors in nature, it gives us plenty of distancing space, and a lesser chance of exposure. Sign up for one of our complimentary informational experiences today.



Group I

This is our youngest age group consisting of 6 month - 1 1/2 year old tots. The learning experience is set up as a (my guide and I) learning. 

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursdays from 9:00 - 10:30 am. 

You can expect new experiences and lessons learned that will set each child on their way to a brighter future.


Blue Jays

Group II

Our approach to guiding this mixed age group of 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 year old toddlers in navigating their world and learning incorporates art; movement, music, and imagination.  Each day is carefully packed with activities designed to encourage a deeper love for learning.  Fundamental lessons on, shapes, numbers, colors, science, art and music are explored. They will have a strong learning support network, as their progress to preschool is ignited and nurtured. We equip children with essential tools that allow self teaching, exploration, inspires creativity, promotes exercise, and builds critical thinking skills. Our Blue-Jays are ready to soar.

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Now Enrolling


Looking for ways to keep your young one engaged, outdoors, and active, while learning life skills, and building bonds? B.S.L has put together a weekend program to assist families in the community, to inspire, and build connections.

Ask about our upcoming Weekend Warriors program for ages 4 - 8.


School Schedule

August 17, 2020 ~ June 4 ,2020

This year, our students and families can choose to join us for the entire year, try one of our complimentary classes, or join a cycle or two.  Below is a schedule of our cycles for the 2020/2021 school year.


  • SUMMER ~ August 17 - September 25

  • FALL ~ September 28 - December 18

  • WINTER ~ January 4 - March 12

  • SPRING ~ March 22 - June 4

Happy Kids

 Birthday Packages

Starting November 1st, 2020


Looking for the best way to celebrate your little one's birthday? Let B.S.L help to make it extra special.  From group activities, ball pits, play mats, craft tables, and special celebration activities for the birthday child, we strive to cater to your vision and bring it into fruition. We will make your event one of a kind! Ask about our available birthday options and start planning a memorable celebration today!


Honored To Serve


B.S.L gladly serves Plant City, neighboring communities and families.